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June 22, 2001, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. has formally put into production. In September, the company was certified ‘The sanitation registration license’ for the exporting food, ‘Quarantine sanitary registration license’ and HACCP certification for the exporting food to U.S.A. 

October 2002, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd.was certified ISO 9001: 2000 quality management system, and it was identified as the ‘Advanced technology foreign investment’ in Zhanjiang. In the same year, it was honored ‘the highest contributor for exporting’ and reworded the second place of ‘expand exporting company by government.

In the 2003, according to The customs, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. has ranked third highest in prawn export quotas in china and the second in Guangdong province. The products of Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. has certified the British quality management system ‘SGS’ and ‘BRC’ in the same year, meanwhile, the company was rewarded in the name of ‘The most safe food products in the Chinese market’ by China business association. At that time, the company’s own production of cooked shrimps has also gained the honor of ‘Technology innovation reward’, and the highest exporting contributor enterprise. By all of achievements above, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. was named of the ‘leader of Enterprises’ in Zhanjiang, and the chairman of the board of directors Li Zhong was rewarded the one of ‘Ten Outstanding Youth’ in China.  

In the year of 2004, the company was titled as one of ‘most exported in the seafood industry’ company in China, which was the highest in Guangdong province. Meanwhile, the product of Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. has passed through the test of ‘high technology certificate’ by Zhanjiang Technology department. Among all of the tested products, Guolian ‘CPTO’ was rewarded the ‘Most Famous Product’ in Guangdong.

In the 2005, the value of exported seafood product of Guolian Aquatic Prodcuts., Ltd. was ranked the first position in all of exporting-related business company in Zhanjiang. At that time, the company has certified ‘The leader company of agricultural industry in Guangdong’, ‘The important leader company of agricultural industrialization’ and ‘The national model company of agriculture products processing. Meanwhile, the chairman of the board of directors Li Zhong was rewareded as one of ‘Man of Top Ten’ in China.

In the year of 2006, the value of exporting seafood of Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. exceeded one hundred million U.S dollar. The company was entitled with ‘the model of exporting agricultural products company in China’ , ‘The most credit company in China’ and ‘Guangdong civilized unit’.

May 1, 2007, the company started to build the third factory. Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. was rewarded as ‘The most advanced group in quality working’. In the September, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. has broken the ban of the FDA which was published in June in the America, and the exporting value exceeded one hundred million dollar again. Meantime, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. has successfully applied to establish the R&D association for Guangdong seafood related products and the chairman of the board of directors Li Zhong was voted to be the leader of Chinese seafood business organization.
In the 2008, the meeting of food safety for the exporting food was hold in Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. The feed company of Guolian was established on May 8, 2008. In the same year, the size of 500mu of shrimps farming base was accomplished in NanSan island and R&D department of Guolian was established.

In the 2009, the base of Tilapia was accomplished along with the R&D department. In the August, according to the test of food safety by Hong Kong food safety and environment health department, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. became the first supplier of mainland seafood company. November in the same year, during the the President of U.S.A Barack Obama visiting the China, the shrimps and Tilapia of Guolian was given to the President and the first lady as gifts.

In the 2010, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd. was identified as ‘Chinese Well-known Trademark’ , ‘The technology center of Guangdong industry’ , ‘The member of integrity company of China’ , ‘The standing director unit of Guangdong quarantine inspection association’. On 8th July, the company stocks were sold in the Shenzheng stock market.

In May 2011, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd was invited to join the worldwide food safety meeting, which has made Guolian to become the first company who took part in the APEC food safety meeting. In July, the same year, one of the most famous singers Emil Chou was promised to become our spokesman about ‘Longba’ brand. September, the bridge which was donated by Li Zhong and other 9 Nansan entrepreneurs was accomplished. The bridge was called ‘The bridge of Life’ and ‘The bridge of Hope’ by local people. On 26 October, Guolian Aquatic Prodcuts., Ltd signed a letter of intend with Ocean Aquatic Marine(m)sdn. BHD about the project in Malaysia. On 19 December, the first shop of Guolian Aquatic prodcut., Ltd in China was opened in Shenyang.

On 31 January, 2012, Guolian Aquatic Products., Ltd successfully merger and acquisition the America SSC company, then has built its own brand ‘O’good’. On 22 June, the first ‘Shrimps only’ shop was opened in Zhanjiang with the brand of ‘LongBa’. It has made the new history of Chinese shrimps industry. On 24 October, the branch company GuangDong Gourmet Aquatic Co., Ltd was established.  

In the 2013, zero tariff on anti-compensation to U.S.A since 2007.          

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