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 Zhanjiang Guolian Feed Co., Ltd. is Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Co. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary. Zhanjiang City leading company in the town of 325 national highway, covers an area of 108 acres and built a number of international advanced automatic feed production line, with annual production capacity of 60,000 tons. Leading products and shrimp feed seawater fish feed, fish feed, feed eels, turtles feed series Expanded fish feed products, is the confidence of the broad masses of farmers products.

 Guolian feed the strength of scientific research, inspection advanced equipment, improve management mechanism, with a high-quality feed the development, production, operation and management team, and with a number of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions in the strength of production and cooperative relations. Companies strictly implement the "feed hygiene standards" and "feed labels" such as national standards and "feed and feed additives Management Ordinance," the relevant provisions of the feed production enterprises HACCP quality management system, the establishment of product design, raw materials into the plant, production and processing, factory sales of products to service the whole chain and quality control retrospective system, most farmers do assured feed.


Guolian feed become the main of Aquatic Products responsibility for the quality and safety, the implementation of multi-stakeholder approach links the industrialization of business models, and actively create safe, high quality, efficient and environmentally friendly feed large-scale modern enterprises, spare no effort in promoting China's aquaculture industry to the health, efficiency, environmental protection , and sustainable development.


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