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 Guolian biotechnology companies to create China Chitin and its derivatives industry benchmark for the construction and operation of business objectives, the development of shrimp scraps comprehensive utilization of high-tech products, from the construction of Guolian Group to seed breeding, feed, processing, trade, and comprehensive utilization of waste Shrimp complete industrial chain to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Biotechnology companies to implement "efficient use of resources, the harmonious development of man and nature" of the concept of sustainable development, development of glucosamine hydrochloride, chitosan, surgical suture-free demolition, shrimp flavor base material, with more protein feed good market prospects for products, will continue to increase investment in R & D intensity, and China chitin engineering centers, and the South China Sea by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Ocean University, Zhongshan University and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions in capacity, to develop a more high value-added healthcare products, artificial tissues and organs, functional foods, the new chemical and biological materials, such as the lower reaches of high-end products.


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