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Guolian shrimp aquaculture demonstration bases in the scenic islands south of Zhanjiang City, covers an area of 350 acres and built a total of 46 standardized plastic pond, the configuration of the independent-water treatment system, the central drainage system and discharge water treatment system, in line with global Aquaculture Association, "the most stringent aquaculture norms" (BAP) standards, and the culture of the United States Commission for the Certification of "ACC" certification, a display of China's health Penaeus vannamei culture.


Guolian shrimp aquaculture demonstration bases equipped with advanced "2211" electronic monitoring system and water quality analysis, drug residue testing, aquatic diseases, such as testing and inspection of equipment and apparatus, to provide farmers breeding patterns, water quality control, scientific feeding, input control, disease prevention and production, quality management, and so on all the technology demonstration and training services. Through subsidies, technical services, contracts and orders for a variety of interests links, companies and farmers to build shrimp exports raw materials base for 50,000 acres of the record, driven in a total output value of shrimp aquaculture industry more than 30 billion yuan.


Guolian shrimp aquaculture demonstration bases built fish (aquaculture) research center for breeding in the broodstock, seed breeding, health culture of scientific and technical research to provide a good research and experimentation platform, actively carry out a specific virus and anti-viral culture system, the quality and safety risk assessment system technology, aquaculture water recycling system, the disease prevention and control technology, culture HACCP system for the farmers to provide efficient health breeding, disease prevention and control, technical services, promoting regional industries to Penaeus vannamei safe, high quality, high yield and high efficiency, and sustainable development.


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