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Speech of President

Zhong Li, president of Zhanjiang Aquaculture Development Ltd. Outstanding Entrepreneur. Member of Fisheries Expert Advisory Committee, Ministry of Agriculture. Honorary chairman, of China Aquatic Production Chamber of Commerce(APCC), Guangdong Provincial CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) member, Guangdong Provincial Member of All-China Youth Federation, Honorary chairman, of Zhanjiang Federation of Industry and Commerce. Awarded National Model Worker, Top-ten outstanding person of “Xinyufumin (Fisheries prosperity)”, China "May 4th Youth Medal”, China Outstanding Entrepreneur, Working Model of Guangdong Province, Top-ten Youth of Guangdong Province, etc.

Stepping with the times,Guolian has left shining footprints on aquaculture industry!Looking back on the past years,a glorious star was rising in the South China Sea.Every step forward during the past ten years,is solid and with great honor.Every moment during the past ten years,we aggressive Guolian people,are pursuing eternity in dynamic environment!Every day during the past ten years,we have been surmounting obstacles and striding ahead,in pursuit of the dream that Chinese national industry can mark its entry on the world stage.At the beginning,we are nothing but a small-scale aquaculture processing factory,with limited capability of OEM shrimp processing.Now,we are leading Chinese aquaculture industry,covering business such as construction of whole industry chain of shrimp and tilapia,and global aquaculture operator integration.Guolian has achieved global operation,as well as internal and external simultaneous development of resource,marketing,and brand;Under tough economic situation,Guolian people never lose faith.We are clear-headed,and attempting to explore enterprise transformation and optimization.“Going out”development strategy is implemented.Facing various foreign trade barriers,we rallied around and eventually won the lawsuit of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy on shrimp importing to U.S.,which preserved the honor and dignity of Chinese Aquaculture Industry.In 2010,Guolian made its entrance on capital market,which initiated a brand-new chapter in the history and stepped on a new journey!Guolian,dominating the industry,is believed to lead Chinese Aquaculture Industry into globalization!

  Guolian,a deserved leader in the industry.Each honor Guolian has achieved,is the result of united intellectual wisdom.And each honor,is our motivation to make greater progress.For the past ten years,we have devoted our sweat and effort to the industry.We are truly thankful for all the support and selfless love from the society!We are grateful to have all the Guolian staff,working hard in all positions!

  Despite fierce competition in the business,Guolian keeps solid to pursue its dream,in an environment with competition and development,opportunity and challenges.From the very beginning,Guolian deemed its duty to build national brand as well as construct whole industry chain of shrimp.We are aiming at healthy,well-organized,substantial development of Chinese Aquaculture Industry,so as to provide healthy,tasty,cost effective sea food for the customers;For investors,we manage to provide reliable enterprise governance and substantial rewards;For our staff,we provide a platform for them,to show their talents and achieve personal development;In an open,transparent,positive way,we would like to embrace global market and build up a genuine enterprise.In the era of Internet,future belongs to those with accurate judgement and rapid response,before changes has taken place;Refer to Guolian,innovation has been our basic capacity,of development and renovation.

  Looking back the past ten years,Guolian experienced a development journey of“start small,achieve great”.We used to have quite vague dreams.But now,we made it clear.Our Guolian dream is global integration and operation.Undeniably,it is an epic picture embodying great effort.At a new historical starting point,we remember each mark of our growth.We will stick to Guolian quality principle,show our enterprise spirit,carry forward the dedication,and manifest positive energy as a national brand.

  Enhance positive energy,build up Guolin dram.From now on,Guolian is going to realize the transformation of“great to greater”.With our passion,we Guolian people will keep our fighting spirit,concentrate on enterprise cultural construction,and improve the core competitiveness of all business modules.Each step of industry chain operation,that we take,is solid and valuable.Implementing global operation brand strategy,integrating resources,our goal is to enhance enterprise benefit;We strive to surpass the target 10 billion sales,in 2020,and eventually become the global leading aquaculture enterprise.We believe,with the spirit of endeavor,we will step on the global stage and embrace a brighter future!